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We are specialists for our industry

For the industry that we serve, we are the first choice for efficient solutions in integrated order handling. By combining modern standard software with excellent consultancy and professional support services we offer the greatest possible benefit to our customers.

We maintain our specialist and technical edge over our competitors by continually improving our process know-how in this industry and consistently developing our software production environment.

Individual standard software

In our view, software production resembles the construction of buildings more than the mass production of cars, which is frequently adopted as a role model for the software industry. We provide each of our customers with an individual software “building,” but all these buildings are based on the same standard modular system.

Our application consultants who work for our customers in the role of “architects” are able to plan freely for the optimum solution. The structural soundness of the software is ensured by adhering to a few simple and easily understood design principles. The blueprint for a customised solution is implemented by a professional team. A fully developed customising concept and modern development tools are as much an essential factor as the comprehensive availability of standard modular systems and perfect organisation. 

  • We are the market-leading supplier for our target industries
  • Satisfied customers in the long term are the basis for our success
  • We ensure stability and independence of our company by moderate but constant growth