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Cable and wire industry

A special industry with high standards

Besides the horizontal challenges of international competition, there are other constraints on the cable and wire industry which lead to extremely complex processes in production and logistics:

  • order-orientated manufacturing with small batch sizes and product specifications, order volumes, delivery lengths and due dates which may be changed by the customers at short notice
  • a large number of customer-specific product variants which are distinguished by colour, marking, packing and many other features
  • length-orientated material disposition and inventory management
  • length-based manufacture with high requirements in terms of wastage minimisation
  • hybrid form of process and discrete parts manufacturing with capital-intensive productions machines which may sometimes be run in continuous operation and cause high set-up costs
  • high proportion of raw material costs
  • processing of raw materials quoted on the stock exchange and subject to large market price fluctuations

The above-mentioned constraints result in numerous industry-specific requirements of an IT solution for a cable manufacturer. Conventional ERP systems based on a horizontal enterprise model soon reach their limits. The complicated adaptation and expansion of a system not originally developed for the cable industry has, in many cases, turned out to be an expensive dead end.

ADVARIS offers the better alternative with a tailor-made industry solution from one source which, in the standard version, covers all details of the requirements of the cable industry.

ADVARIS is the ideal solution
for manufacturers and distributors
of the following products:

  • wires, stranded wires, cables
    (bare and coated)

  • power cables (low, medium
    and high voltage)

  • telephone cables

  • data cables

  • signal cables, control cables

  • special cables for a variety of
    fields of application

  • profiles, strips

  • insulation materials
    (PVC, PE etc.)