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Hardware Concepts

Server systems

Server computers are among the most critical components of the company network. Data safety, system stability and, not least, performance must meet the highest standards. ADVARIS provides advice during the planning and equipping of individual server platforms. If desired, we are also pleased to supply turnkey server systems with pre-installed ADVARIS software.

PDC/MDE terminals

Office-style personal computers are often not suitable for use in the environment conditions typically used in production. In this case, ADVARIS takes over the task of selecting suitable industrial PCs or special terminals for production data collection and ensures they are seamlessly integrated into the ADVARIS solution.

Barcode and RFID systems

Nowadays barcode systems are widely used for identifying drums, spools, palettes etc. ADVARIS offers advice on the selection of industrial hand-held terminals with WLAN connections and barcode readers, barcode printers, label material etc.

Recently, RFID technology has increasingly become a talking point. In cooperation with the company Niehoff, ADVARIS has developed an RFID-based system for spool monitoring which was first presented at the WIRE 2010 trade fair in Düsseldorf. We expect that RFID will continue to gain ground in the cable industry in the coming years and have thus developed the necessary know-how in this field at an early stage.

Machine and process data collection

The integration of machines and plants with modern control technology is done preferably through the OPC interface.

As an alternative to an OPC interface, automatic process data collection can also be carried out using commercially available I/O and fieldbus components such as bus terminals, PC plug in cards or signal converters. ADVARIS has extensive experience with the integration of automation components (counters, switches, sensors etc.).