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Implementation of the ADVARIS Cable Solution

Rollout concept

A systematic, structured course of action is necessary for the successful rollout of software. From our experience with numerous projects in the cable industry, we have developed a standardised rollout concept with which we can implement even the most comprehensive ADVARIS projects quickly, transparently and securely

System integration

In implementing your projects, you will benefit from clearly defined standard interfaces by which ADVARIS can be integrated both horizontally and vertically into the existing IT environment. ADVARIS focuses on international industrial norms for the definition of interfaces (OPC, XML etc.).

Data migration

One aspect of the rollout of a new software system which should not be neglected is the transfer of old data from the systems that are being replaced. This includes both master data and transaction data, such as outstanding customer orders or supplier orders. In this case, ADVARIS offers flexible support through efficient tools and interfaces for automatic import of data.