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Routing and manufacturing BOM 

Essential data base for production planning, shop floor and sales

ADVARIS BOM and routing generation

BOMs and routings are generated fully automatically on the basis of the design data. The machines are selected according to technical and economic criteria which can be defined by the user.

The individual lengths to be manufactured and the added quantities for the material in the BOM are determined by the length calculation performed for each machine operation. After that C2 calculates the machine-specific take-up speeds and manufacturing times (primary, setup and secondary process times). It provides numerous possibilities for the use of time management methods. Even the instruction texts for the production order papers are generated fully automatically.

In order to make best use of the flexibility potential of the plant in production planning it is necessary to be familiar with the technically possible production alternatives. C2 therefore makes it possible to draw up several alternative routings for a single product. Alternative operations and alternative machines can be used within a single routing, and the alternative routings can be compared regarding the manufacturing costs.

C2 enables multi-plant environments. Manufacture of a product at more than one site using different machinery and site-specific raw material variations requires only a single design which is then used for generating the plant-specific routings and manufacturing BOM. This makes C2 the ideal tool for central product management providing the manufacturing and calculation data for decentralized cable plants.