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Cable Design 

Dimensions, materials and technical data sheets

ADVARIS Cable Design

In C2 the geometric structure of a cable and the raw materials to be used in its manufacture is specified in a design BOM which is generated largely automatically on the basis of an extensive know-how database.

In the C2 material database wires, compounds, additives, tapes, etc. are managed together with their geometric, mechanical and electrical properties. The detailed classification of the materials and powerful search functions enable the rapid selection of the usable components. The concept of the modular parts list applied consistently in C2 ensures the reusability of structural elements such as conductors, cores and pairs.

The use of prefabricated design models for product families increases efficiency thanks to easy access to the design know-how (framework designs, standards, formulae, decision-making tables, etc.) stored centrally in C2. 


Cable Designer

With the Cable Designer’s Workbench C2 enables graphic interactive design:

  • Scalable cross-sectional graphics with true-to-scale representation and positioning of the components used
  • Representation of special asymmetric cables with automatic calculation of center point and diameter.
  • Direct access to designs and master material data of the components used including a modification facility and automatic calculation of the impacts on the current design.
  • Drawing elements, texts and legend function for auxiliary lines, dimensioning and labeling within the graphic.