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ADVARIS Cable MES – Cable Manufacturing Execution System


Detailed Planning and Scheduling


DPS is an advanced planning and scheduling system with a rule-based optimization process which monitors the target criteria – meeting of deadlines and setup minimization – within the framework of factory-specific constraints.

The graphical planning board displays technical and deadline-specific manufacturing alternatives and provides an ergonomic interface for manual adaptation of planning. Changes in customers’ requirements or malfunctions in the manufacturing process can be reacted to rapidly by means of quick and simple replanning of orders or changes to shift schedules.

Continuous updating of planning by taking into account the feedback as it comes from the shop floor (order progress, machine status) enables rapid responses as to the consequences of malfunctions with regard to capacity and delivery dates.

Multi-resource planning

Manufacturing resources are planned simultaneously, i.e. all the necessary resources such as machines, personnel, material and tools are considered simultaneously and assigned to an order only if not required elsewhere.

Maintenance planning

DPS takes into account the maintenance intervals of the machines and automatically generates the relevant maintenance operations which are assigned to shift breaks or planned setup times if at all possible.


An efficient simulation environment, in which all order and manufacturing data can be altered for testing, enables a rapid run-through of what-if scenarios. This makes possible the predictive analysis and evaluation of planning alternatives. The simulation of the future production process can also serve as an important aid in preparing investment decisions.

Flexible capacity reservation

In case of customer requests, specimen and rework orders or delivery call-offs the product variants are not known until just before the start of manufacturing. Nevertheless, in order to be able to plan production realistically over a longer period of time DPS makes it possible to schedule flexible capacity reservations even if master data are incomplete or missing. When the expected manufacturing orders arrive they are automatically assigned to the corresponding capacity reservations.