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ADVARIS Cable MES – Cable Manufacturing Execution System


Shop Floor Control and Production Data Capturing


SFC is the module for production data capture and closed-loop shop floor control. The manufacturing orders are passed to the shop floor electronically by means of computer display directly on the machine.

Ergonomic user interfaces for recording order, machine, quality, logistic and personnel data enable rapid monitoring and comprehensive documentation of the manufacturing process. Conventional industrial computers with touchscreens and mobile handheld terminals with barcode scanners and WLAN connections are used for data capture.

Event-based control functions ensure the timely supply to and removal from the machines of drums and consumables in accordance with active production management.


The manufacturing history of each individual cable length with all the raw material batches used is recorded without interruption, and can be traced exactly at any time. The traceability is available online in a clearly arranged tree diagram both upstream (origination process) and downstream (where-used list).  

Alarm manager and online production monitor

Thanks to freely definable alarms, critical process parameters are monitored automatically and, in case of deviations, reported by means of pop-up windows, emails or text messages. The machine and order statuses are displayed in a graphic production layout like in a control room. Individual manufacturing areas, machines, orders, storage locations or drums can be selected with the press of a button and displayed with detailed information.

Production controlling

ADVARIS offers a powerful toolkit for flexible determination of production and quality characteristics such as degree of utilization, quality rate and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Reports, evaluations and immediate reports from current manufacturing data enable efficient online controlling of the production process.