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Order data

ADVARIS order data collection

Production orders are displayed at the machine terminal in the planned order of execution and with the individual lengths and spool types that are to be manufactured. If required, further information such as stocks of parts listed in the bill of material, technical data sheets or setting parameters for the machine can be accessed.

 To record the progress of the order, the following feedback information is available at the machine:

  • material provision with batch number
  • machine set up
  • start date of order
  • manufactured single lengths / spools
  • quantity of material usage
  • quantity of reject material
  • down times and reasons for these
  • fault locations
  • reworking
  • completion of order

The online plausibility check of the feedback information permits consistency of data and prevents errors in workflow procedures such as use of the incorrect raw material. 

Touch screen terminals and mobile barcode scanners

To increase operating efficiency machine terminals are often equipped with a touch screen. The collection of the feedback information is done as far as possible by barcode scanner. This restricts the manual input of data to a minimum.

The use of mobile wireless terminals with a display and barcode scanner considerably reduces the outlay for feedback information by shortening routes.

If, in addition, automatic machine data collection is also available, a part of the manual entry such as reasons for down times, change of spool and manufactured actual lengths become completely unnecessary or, at least, can be greatly simplified.