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Production Order Management


POM controls the processing of the production orders and the exchange of information between manufacturing, purchasing and sales/distribution this requires. The production planning can be based on individual customer orders or total demand. The various order types such as stock or customer orders, planning orders, customer enquiries or prototype orders are managed according to rules which can be defined specifically for the individual factory.

Starting with the customer due date date, the system calculates backwards to determine a proposal for the latest possible start of production. All planning functions, for instance the splitting and overlapping of orders, are based on the individual lengths and drums. Last-minute changes in order data such as deadlines, drum types and length allocations or technical product parameters can still be made after work on the order has started.

As an early warning system for impending supply problems, POM automatically monitors the deadline situation of the manufacturing and procurement orders. In case of critical deviations, the relevant positions will be notified automatically as part of the escalation management which can be defined case-specifically..

Process batches and setup packages

Manufacturing orders and operations can be defined according to technical criteria as process batches or setup packages and combined for joint planning and processing. 

Drum size and length planning

Starting from the required supply lengths and make-ups of the finished products, POM automatically determines the best possible length plan for the individual manufacturing steps. For this ADVARIS has developed special optimization algorithms which, taking into account the added lengths (startup scrap, test lengths, etc.) and the drum sizes available, calculate the ideal length allocation for each machine.

Length-based material requirements planning

Stock management is based alternatively on individual lengths or the whole stock with parallel quantity units that can be freely chosen. Order suggestions for raw materials and semi-finished goods are generated automatically by means of parameterizable methods for requirement and consumption control.

The bill of material explosion, material availability check and reservations management considers the requirements of the manufacturing orders for the individual lengths and their scheduling priority. The existing stock of individual lengths present is assigned to the manufacturing orders so as to minimize scrap.

Manufacturing warehouse management

The drums, individual lengths and material batches in the manufacturing process are registered with their bin location and the current quantity. All warehouse movements are documented automatically with the respective batch information. The inventory valuation takes place by drum and can, for instance, be aggregated by warehouse, article group or article.