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ADVARIS MRO – Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul



reliable production processes through optimum plant availability

ADVARIS MRO – efficient service and
maintenance management

Modern maintenance management aims primarily at optimising the technical availability of plant, which is an essential basis for the competitiveness of a manufacturing company.

ADVARIS MRO supports the comprehensive planning, execution, monitoring and documentation of maintenance work. Besides machinery, tools and measuring equipment in the production department, it can be used to manage all types of technical equipment in the company, including, for example, vehicles or components of the building technology.

MRO is integrated seamlessly with the other modules of the ADVARIS Cable ERP system. Process chains which go beyond the field of maintenance can be automated at all stages using one single medium (for example, the acquisition of spare parts by purchasing department or the scheduling of preventive maintenance activities in the production planning).


MRO offers everything that is needed for comprehensive maintenance management and for achieving significant competitive advantages:

  • better plant availability
  • shorter down times and repair times
  • more reliable production planning
  • improved delivery reliability
  • lower maintenance costs