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ADVARIS MRO – Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul



reliable production processes through optimum plant availability

Asset management

Technical components aid the depiction and structuring of the plant and machinery that is to be managed and which represents the assets of a company. The plant structure can be decided individually; the number of levels can be freely selected. Further information can be added to the components, for example, location, cost center, spare parts, safety instructions, documents, photographs, operating hours counter and user-defined data fields. Service contracts and guarantee agreements can be stored at every level of the plant structure. MRO facilitates a maintenance history for each component, consisting of the failures that have occurred and the maintenance work that has been carried out, with the use of spare parts, measured values and all other data, which has been acquired from the shop floor.

Maintenance staff / skills

Organisation of the employees in the maintenance division is managed in regard to assignment to a department, work time model, absence planning and their skill profiles. In the planning of maintenance orders, MRO makes suggestions on the basis of their skills as to which employees are suited to the task.

Service plans

Service plans are the basis of preventive maintenance. A service plan can be drawn up for regular maintenance tasks (mandatory checks, cleaning etc.), which defines the time intervals depending on the operating hours, production output (piece, meter or kilogramme) or other plant parameters.


Routings are used as templates when drawing up maintenance orders. They consist of a series of operations, which include all the master data required for planning and execution of the maintenance tasks.

  • planned time
  • necessary employee skill(s)
  • parts list (spare parts, supplies)
  • inspection plans for recording measurement values
  • documents (work plans, manuals etc.)


A routing can be carried out repeatedly for different assets. For the automatic generation of proactive maintenance orders, the routing is assigned to one specific asset and to one service plan.

Test and inspection plans

In addition to a simple completion message, a QC test plan can be used to support the recording of measured values. For instance, in the case of weighing scales, this might be the legally required calibration with specific calibrating equipment and methods. In this example, the display for the scale would be recorded with various calibrated weights before and after the calibration and a test report would be issued.

Spare parts management

The full range of functions of the ADVARIS Cable ERP system is available for the management of spare parts and supplies.

  • stock list with technical information, suppliers, prices etc.
  • warehouse management
  • material requirements planning
  • purchasing (purchase order proposals, requests for quotations from suppliers, purchase orders)
  • receipt of goods, quality testing and complaints processing