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ADVARIS MRO – Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul



reliable production processes through optimum plant availability

Completion confirmation of maintenance orders

For feedback regarding maintenance orders, the established ADVARIS plant data collection system is also available in MRO. Data acquisition can be carried out directly at the machine terminal in the production department. Ergonomic user interfaces and dialogue functions allow simple acquisition of working times, external services, spare parts and material consumption, measurement values and free texts for describing the measures that have been taken. By using mobile terminals with a bar code scanner, the execution of maintenance orders becomes much easier and this can also be controlled in real time.

Performance and cost analysis

The data acquired during the execution of maintenance orders may also be analysed according to a wide range of criteria and utilised for the development of a key figure system. In a detailed cost analysis the planned costs are compared with the actual costs. Trend analyses can be used to monitor the development over time of maintenance parameters, such as the average operating time between two downtimes (Mean Time Between Failure, MTBF) or the average repair time after a failure of a system (Mean Time To Recover, MTTR).


By using such parameters it is also possible to activate an alarm directly if one of the parameters being monitored exceeds a specified limit. MRO offers numerous other standard reports, an efficient statistics tool for individual analyses and the possibility of transferring all data to MS Excel by simply pressing a button.