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Maintenance orders

For the execution of maintenance work an order will be created. This contains a detailed description of the work to be carried out, including other relevant information (required staff skills, material, the proposed time schedule, cost, safety requirements etc.). A maintenance order is then created

  • on the basis of a service plan for the preventive maintenance work
  • in the case of a repair order, as a response to a failure report
  • by manual entry of the order or duplication/modification of an existing order (if not foreseeable, for work occurring at short notice or for non-recurring work).

The assignment of service personnel is carried out according to the skills needed for the order. In the order list, the user can view dates according to due date, plant/equipment, type of work, priority or status. Orders with a critical deadline can be checked by an alarm monitor and, if there is a risk of delay, can be reported automatically.

Preventive maintenance

The orders for preventive maintenance, which are generated automatically according to service intervals of the machines are passed on to the production planning department. The scheduling is carried out using Special methods that have been developed for maintenance planning. In order to minimise the machine downtimes, the maintenance work is planned, as far as possible, during a product change at the machine or during a regular downtime that occurs for some other reason.


Fault reports

The fault report supports the systematic recording of events (failure, damage, faults) with reference to an asset. On the basis of these reports, the occurrences can be analysed and action can be taken. For better descriptions, other documents (such as photographs) can be added to a report. Fault reports can be created at machine terminals or PCs in the production department. The machine operator can enter a description of a problem, stating where the problem occurred, whether the production line or machine is at a standstill and to which maintenance department the order is addressed.

Failures in production plants can be automatically identified, classified and, if required, the maintenance personnel can be notified by a system warning (alarm) or by text messaging.