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Invoicing and metal billing


Invoices can be made for individual shipments or for whole projects. Prices are calculated on the basis of the terms agreed for the customer’s order. Invoices can also be issued in the customer’s own currency. In the automatic invoicing routine the invoices for all invoiceable shipments are prepared, printed and entered in the document list in the form of PDF files.

Metal Billing

The billing of metal for customers and suppliers is controlled by various master data parameters, e.g. metal bases, metal prices (DEL, LME, etc.), country-specific metal weights, individual valuation date agreements or taking into account of metal provided by the customer. Customers’ and suppliers’ metal accounts can be value- or stock-based.

Financial Accounting Interface

The integration into the financial accounting system ensures full synchronicity between the flow of material and values in the company. Customer and supplier invoices, stocks and changes in stocks are transferred synchronously to an external financial accounting system.