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Procurement –
Modern Supply Management

ADVARIS Procurement

The procurement module ensures the efficient handling of the procurement processes – from the order proposal to inquiries, supplier contracts and orders to the processing of incoming goods, and invoices.

The order proposals are automatically transferred to the person authorized according to the release hierarchy to sign or to approve by means of the integrated workflow system. If desired, an inquiry can be issued simultaneously to several suppliers. Reminders can be issued automatically when quotations are overdue. The order is then generated directly from the inquiry to the supplier.

The WMS automatically proposes the supplier with the best price. Information about the costs to be expected, including surcharges for metal and delivery times, is available at all times on the basis of the article/supplier master data sets. It takes account not only of special bonuses but also of the quality of previous deliveries, and this is documented in a detailed supplier evaluation.


Incoming Goods

In the incoming goods section first the data of the delivery note are compared with the supplier order in the system. The spools or batches delivered are recorded individually and given an incoming goods label showing the automatically issued length/ batch number, the weight recorded by the scales interface (if applicable) and other freely selectable items of information.

According to the setting of the article’s quality control code the incoming goods are inspected on the basis of the QC test plan deposited for the article. After testing, staff can decide whether the goods should be sent back directly or placed in quarantine or added to the existing stocks. In case of a complaint concerning the shipment it can be returned either in whole or in part. The system can issue all the documents necessary for returning the goods – from the 8D report to the export papers.

Supplier invoices are compared with the incoming goods and, after approval, can be transferred to an external financial accounting system.