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ADVARIS Cable WMS – Warehouse Management, MRP and Sales


Quoting and sales order management

Quotation Management

Transparent access to stocks, expected incoming stocks, replacement times and procurement costs taking account of quantity scales and packaging enables fast and reliable information about availability, delivery dates and prices.

The quotation price can be determined either on the basis of full price lists or with separate pricing for the metal. The prices and discounts are compiled while taking into account delimiting deadlines and special agreements with the customer or with the respective company group.

The automatic representment and management of the quotation history in combination with CRM functions such as activity control and contact history enable professional sales & distribution management.

Sales Order Management

WMS manages customer-related blanket orders and projects. The agreements governing the quantity of articles purchased, the price and the terms of delivery are incorporated automatically into the individual calls for delivery.

When a new sales order is created the data of a pre-existing quotation, if applicable, are adopted. On the basis of the order date, the replacement or manufacturing time and the receipts and dispatches scheduled within this period, an anticipated delivery date is determined automatically, if there is no freely available stock of the article in the individual lengths requested.  


The automatic credit limit check not only takes account of unpaid invoices but also monitors ongoing orders which are still in production or have already been delivered but not yet invoiced.

An order item can include as many different lengths as desired with different packagings (spool types), customer-specific texts for printing, and length tolerances. In addition to sales orders for shipments of goods it can also manage service orders, e.g. for the laying of cables.

Material Scheduling

The fictive extrapolation of stock provides immediate information about future delivery capacity. Its takes account of any residual lengths in stock as well as the length distribution of the ongoing production and procurement orders as well as the replacement times.

In addition to the deterministic ascertainment of the requirement on the basis of sales orders, stochastic methods for consumption-based scheduling are also available.