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Warehouse management -

drums and individual lengths

Warehouse Management

The stock of raw material and final products is kept in warehouses. The warehouses are freely definable by the user (e.g. incoming goods, quarantine, production, finished goods, consignment store, etc.). The WMS supports distribution according to bin locations within these warehouses.

The warehouse management system provides a continuous up-to-date overview of the actual physical stocks and the quantity reserved of each individual spool or batch. Automatic bookings due to the flow of goods and manual consumption bookings are taken account of without delay. Stocktaking can be ongoing or bound to a certain date.

All stock movements are logged with the quantity, the date and the time as well as the type of booking (incoming goods, booking into the quarantine store, reject, material issue, material return, shipment, complaints etc.). In order to allow checking of stock variations the WMS enables the representation and evaluation of stocks as per a desired date in the past. 

Mobile Handheld Terminals

Mobile handheld terminals with barcode scanners, connected by WLAN, can be used for the registration of material and drum movements in the incoming goods, stores and dispatch sections.


Drum Management

The integrated loan container accounting facility manages the stock of your own spools/drums on customers’ premises and the stock of external spools/drums belonging to suppliers on your premises. The drums are managed with the storage location, event history and additional details. The drums are generally equipped with barcode labels for simple registration in the incoming goods, warehouse and dispatch sections.

Whenever a shipment is made to a customer the loaned drums included in the delivery are automatically booked to the customer’s container account. Accounting is controlled by customer-specific drum terms (loan periods, reminder limits, loan fees, etc.) which can be specified for the particular customer.