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Februar 2012

Partnership between ADVARIS and AESA Cortaillod

ADVARIS and AESA Cortaillod enter into a long term Partnership in the field of Production and Quality Data Management for the Cable and Wire Industry.

Today several companies offer “turnkey” solutions supporting the management processes through IT-applications networked over the company’s LAN. These solutions are designed for general purpose and can fulfill most of the common requirements with quite heavy investment and complex structure.

However, for the manufacturers of electrical cables and wires, the situation is particular as most of the data to be processed are not related to quantities but to the length. They also need specific functional modules to complete the management toolbox. ADVARIS and AESA Cortaillod are precisely specialized in that field. The product ranges of both companies are largely complementary. This cooperation and the combination of their skills, knowledge and products result in providing a complete, integrated and professional solution, exactly suited to this specific market. Both companies will offer the combined solutions to their respective customers.

ADVARIS’ enterprise software is based on a highly flexible modular system incorporating specific functions starting from cable design, costing and quoting through production scheduling and manufacturing execution to warehouse management, sales and distribution. It combines the advantages of individual development with those of a standard software package.

AESA Cortaillod provides a comprehensive range of test systems and a data capture and management system for the cable industry. The central database and evaluation functions help to enhance the quality management and production performance.

Manfred Moser, Bruchsal (Germany),

Jean-Luc Allemann, Colombier (Switzerland),

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